General Dentistry

General dentistry includes dental exams and cleanings as well as all the supplemental treatments needed to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We recommend visiting your dentist every six months to maintain a healthy smile. By scheduling consistent check-ups, your dentist can catch dental problems early and address them right away. General dentistry includes several treatments for protecting and preserving your smile, as well as fluoride treatments for strengthening your smile. If you are searching for a dentist in Chicago, IL, our team can care for your smile with your comfort and dental needs in mind. Call our office today to get started!

Exams & Cleanings

A regular dental check-up includes both a thorough exam and professional cleaning. An exam is an in-depth look at your teeth and gums that may include x-rays when needed. By checking for signs of decay or infection, your dentist can keep your smile on the right track. Regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup that lead to cavities and tooth loss. Consistent cleanings will protect your smile and remove surface stains, revealing a brighter smile.


At Lakeview Smiles, we do everything we can to preserve natural teeth. We only recommend extractions when we feel like it is necessary for your oral health. An extraction may be needed for reasons such as teeth crowding, severe decay, a broken tooth or impacted wisdom teeth. If you are in need of a tooth extraction in Chicago, IL, or would like a second opinion, call today! 


Tooth fillings blend in with your existing teeth and fill cavities that have been affected by tooth decay. Fillings are durable and made to withstand the constant use of a natural tooth. Fillings can preserve your smile for years and protect your teeth from further damage.


Fluoride treatments may be recommended during regular office visits depending on your smile. Applying fluoride is quick and painless, building the tooth enamel and strengthening the outer layer of the tooth. There are a few different types of fluoride treatment options. Your dentist can recommend the best fluoride application for your smile during your next visit. 


Dental sealants can be used for children, teens and adults. Sealants coat the back molars and hard-to-reach areas of your teeth with a thin plastic coating. This coating helps protect your teeth from decay. Once applied, dental sealants last for several years. Dental sealants can be applied during a regular office visit. 

Root Canals

If decay or infection has reached the pulp of the tooth, a root canal can oftentimes save the tooth from extraction. A root canal removes all of the infection that is putting the tooth at risk. By receiving root canal treatment, your tooth may last for several more years. Left untreated, an infected tooth can lead to severe pain and the need for emergency treatment. 

Wisdom Teeth

It is very common for wisdom teeth to require removal. Reasons include crowding and impacted teeth. If you have wisdom teeth beginning to appear, it is best to schedule a check-up to ensure that you have enough space for all four wisdom teeth to grow. Many patients need one or more wisdom teeth to be extracted to protect the rest of their smile and avoid dental problems. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, call today! 

Custom Mouthguards

If you or a loved one plays contact sports, a custom mouthguard can protect your smile from potential danger. Once a dental accident happens, a smile can require a lot of work and end up with lasting damage. A custom mouthguard protects the teeth, so you can play with peace of mind that your smile is safe. Custom mouthguards fit securely and comfortably. Call today to schedule your mouthguard visit! 

Sleep Apnea

Are you constantly tired, never feeling fully rested? Sleep apnea affects many Americans without them realizing the reason for their symptoms. Sleep apnea can cause daytime drowsiness, morning headaches, loud snoring, gasping for breath during the night and more. If you have any symptoms of sleep apnea in Chicago, IL, our team may be able to help! When sleep apnea is caused by an obstruction to the airways, an oral appliance can be worn to open the airways. This will allow you to breathe properly and experience a good night of sleep. Don’t suffer from sleep apnea – call to schedule a visit today!

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