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“I am a new patient at Lakeview Smiles, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my first experience thoroughly from the front office staff to the dental work. Every employee was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Just wait until you see the hi-tech equipment that they use.”

— Thomas W.

“Dr. Lee is great as usual! I came in with some tooth pain, and after the X-rays and CT scan, Dr. Lee came in and personally explained what could be the cause, and what the treatment plan options would be. I was assured that the pain would be gone by the time I left the office. Easily scheduled, and I was followed up with within the next week. Linda called me to check in and reassess. Though I was in pain, the visit was painless!”

— Desmond F.

“Dr. Lee and her team of dentists and dental assistants are the best! My family has been patients of Lakeview Smiles for years, and wouldn’t even consider seeing another dentist in or outside of the area because of the great dental care received from Dr. Lee and her team!”

— John L.

“From my first visit with Lakeview Smiles, I have felt welcome and cared for. The staff has been a tremendous help in educating me regarding everyday preventive care for my teeth and overall oral health. I am so thankful to have found this office and to be under their care.”

— Leslie J.

“I like that the office is clean. The staff is professional and I also appreciate the feedback system they use. Parking is available on the street, which I appreciate as well. Finally, I appreciate that my proposed treatment plan was explained to me and that someone sat down with me right afterwards to discuss payment options.”

— Krystoff P.

“Thank you, Lakeview Smiles! I cannot speak more highly of this dental practice. From the beautiful office to the helpful and engaging staff and dentists — I am so impressed! This place is GREAT!”

— Hunter L.

“Dr. Lee is an excellent dentist. She uses up-to-date equipment and always manages to perform painless dentistry. She cares about her patients and follows up with them. I would highly recommend. My hygienist’s name is Tiffany. Tiffany did an excellent job! She took all of the time she needed and did not rush. The procedures were pain-free, and I would recommend her as well.”

— Lee Z.

“I couldn’t have gone to a better dentist’s office than Lakeview Smiles! The nicest and friendliest staff that I’ve ever interacted with. I was scared of going at first, and worried about having a new dentist. It was a great and pleasant experience throughout, and the fear was not needed.”

— Chris T.

“I had been interested in veneers for many years, and I consulted with Dr. Lee on what the process would look like. The whole experience was seamless–I consistently receive compliments on my bright smile, and it has truly boosted my self-esteem. I’d enthusiastically recommend Lakeview Smiles to anyone looking to improve their smile!”

— Patient

“I am so happy with my experience at Lakeview Smiles. They have so much cool technology that made my visit fast and painless. The service was very professional and accommodating. I will definitely be coming back!”

— Jared S.

“I was referred by a friend and am impressed with the facility and technology used. Very friendly staff as well. Thanks!”

— Ryan M.

“This was the best dentist experience of my life. Dr. Lee was great at educating me and explaining everything. She is very gentle and friendly!”

— Cara G.

“I never dreamed I’d say it’s a pleasure going to the dentist, but it’s a pleasure seeing Dr. Lee. In addition to getting a good cleaning and exam, I learned all about oral cancers, stuff I’d never known before — like 25% of people who get oral cancer don’t have any risk factors. Didn’t know that! Anyway, they’re terrific at Lakeview Smiles. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

— Kate M.

“I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while, and I am so glad I chose to come here to Lakeview Smiles. Everyone was so friendly from the moment I walked in until I left. I’m excited to come back.”

— Trevor C.

“I am a new patient of Dr. Grace Lee and Lakeview Smiles.” After having a very traumatic experience at my prior dentist, I was so skeptical and afraid and put off scheduling an appointment, but I really needed to see a dentist very badly. After coming here, I had the BEST experience! Dr. Lee is fantastic. She is very gentle; she explains everything clearly before she does it. I felt so relaxed, I felt extremely at ease with Dr Lee and her staff. The professionalism begins at the front desk and continues through everyone there. I just cannot say enough. Dr. Lee and her staff at Lakeview Smiles are the Best!”

— Janet L.

“I can’t believe how great Dr. Lee is! She’s amazing! I had to have two of my wisdom teeth removed, and it only took her literally two seconds to have them removed! I didn’t feel a thing! I highly recommend Dr. Lee.”

— Victoria L.

“I’m really impressed by the great staff at Lakeview Smiles. Everyone was professional and friendly and made sure I had my questions answered. Dr Lee is great and really put me at ease — a great quality to have as a dentist!”

— Audrey H.

“I have been to Lakeview smiles before, and I have had nothing but excellent experiences there. The dentist is wonderful, and even remembered me from my last visit. The hygienist did an excellent job. Most importantly, the front desk staff helped me sort out very complicated insurance payments that resulted in an outstanding balance from my past oral surgery. With their help I was able to pay off (and have my insurance pay off) all of the current balance.”

— Alison E.

“Every person I encountered in the office was professional and friendly. I was pleased with the thoroughness of the first-time patient exam. The office is very high-tech (in a good way). Samantha, the hygienist, was very nice, explained things well, and made sure I was comfortable through through out my cleaning. Based on my first experience I would highly recommend Lakeview Smiles.”

— Devon W.

“Very positive experience. Very friendly.I was excited to see all modern technology; if felt like I was at a cutting-edge dentist office. It is nice to actually see X-rays and pictures of your teeth. The hygienist and dentist and all involved made me feel important and safe. I really felt like it was the most thorough dental exam of my life. I appreciated the time and explanation spent on some of the newer ‘cosmetic’ and appearance enhancement options now available. Pamphlets are great but a non-pressure consultation is so much better. I have already recommended Lakeview Smiles to my coworkers!”

— Joe R.

“It’s nice to have finally found a dentist I actually like to go to. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Definitely recommended.”

— Matthew D.

“Every morning starts with a bold grin. You can believe it or not, but that’s the new habit that I picked up when my Invisalign was done. You don’t need a smile coach — come and see Dr. Lee. She will bring your perfect smile out — just as she did to mine.”

— Joe W.

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