Meet Dr. Paul Buenvenida

For Dr. Paul Buenvenida, dentistry is more than working on and fixing teeth; being a dentist is about making a difference for the people in his community. The personal connections he creates with patients, based on trust, respect, and communication, result in his ability to help each individual achieve their dental goals.

Dr. Buenvenida enjoys hearing about patients’ personal lives, experiences, and challenges in order to help him better understand the unique individual under his care. Ultimately, his goal is to create an enjoyable and comfortable dental experience.

Dr. Buenvenida is a 1993 graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

A large part of Dr. Buenvenida’s commitment to patients and his profession is continuing education. Dentistry is always evolving: the development of new treatments, materials, and technologies mean more options for patients and better care experiences. Through online classes and annual dental meetings, Dr. Buenvenida learns about, evaluates, and incorporates the best of these advancements into his practice.

Outside the office, Dr. Buenvenida and his partner of 18 years enjoys exploring the rich Chicago food scene, experimenting with recipes at home, and traveling the world to find what other cultures have to offer. He also supports any form of art that enhances and informs the community.

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